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Corporate Strategy and Product Innovation by Rothberg, Robert R. ISBN: 9780029275009 List Price: $17.75
Production and Operations Management: A Life Cycle Approach by Chase, Richard B., Aquilano... ISBN: 9780256019193
Production and Operations Manual and Guide by Zeyher, Lewis R. ISBN: 9780137252756
Brand Gym A Practical Workout for Boosting Brand and Business by Taylor, David A. ISBN: 9780470847107 List Price: $45.00
Constraint Management in Manufacturing Optimising the Global Supply Chain by Hutchin, Ted ISBN: 9780415285193 List Price: $94.95
Creating Your Lean Future State How to Move from Seeing to Doing by Luyster, Tom, Tapping, Don ISBN: 9781563272486 List Price: $45.00
Manufacturing Resource Planning (Mrp Ii) With Introduction to Erp, Scm and Crm by Sheikh, Khalid ISBN: 9780071392303 List Price: $75.00
IFIP Glossary of Terms Used in Production Control by Burbidge, John L. ISBN: 9780444702876 List Price: $67.50
Brands and Brand Management by Elliott, Richard, Elliott, ... ISBN: 9780415433242
Computerizing Production Management System Practical by Skivington, James J. ISBN: 9780412377204 List Price: $76.00
Increasing Corporate Profitability by Goodman, Sam R. ISBN: 9780471091615 List Price: $37.95
E-Supply Chain Using the Internet to Revolutionize Your Business by Poirier, Charles C., Bauer,... ISBN: 9781576751176 List Price: $39.95
Matching Supply with Demand An Introduction to Operations Management by Cachon, Gerard, Terwiesch, ... ISBN: 9780072918991 List Price: $127.81
Operations Management Contemporary Concepts and Cases by Schroeder, Roger G. ISBN: 9780072498912 List Price: $70.63
Speed to Market Lean Manufacturing for Job Shops by Bozzone, Vincent ISBN: 9780814406946 List Price: $59.95
Essential Operations Management by Hill, Alex, Hill, Terry ISBN: 9780230232594 List Price: $70.00
Erp Making It Happen The Implementers' Guide to Success With Enterprise Resource Planning by Wallace, Thomas F., Kremzar... ISBN: 9780471392019 List Price: $110.00
Measurements, Metrics and the Value-Driven Operations Management System by Melnyk, Steven A. ISBN: 9781931634038 List Price: $16.00
Acceptance of New Food Products by Supermarkets by Borden, Neil H., McNair, Ma... ISBN: 9780870050008 List Price: $3.00
Operations Management for MBAs by Meredith, Jack R., Meredith... ISBN: 9780471000600 List Price: $53.95
Operations Management for Competitive Advantage by Chase, Richard B., Jacobs, ... ISBN: 9780072983906 List Price: $165.75
Revolutionizing Product Development Quantum Leaps in Speed, Efficiency, and Quality by Wheelwright, Steven C., Cla... ISBN: 9780029055151 List Price: $39.95
Operations Management Concepts, Methods, and Strategies by White, Gregory P., Vonderem... ISBN: 9780471393276 List Price: $78.95
Product Leadership: Creating and Launching Superior New Products by Cooper, Robert G. ISBN: 9780738201566 List Price: $23.00
Product Manager's Handbook by Gorchels, Linda ISBN: 9780071459389 List Price: $59.95
World Class Manufacturing by Schonberger, Richard J. ISBN: 9781416592549
Operations Management by Heizer, Jay H., Render, Barry ISBN: 9780131016125 List Price: $117.33
Productivity Engineering & Management by Sumanth ISBN: 9780072347920
Brand Warfare: 10 Rules for Building the Killer Brand by David D'Alessandro ISBN: 9780071398503 List Price: $16.95
Small Production Woodworking for the Home Shop by Pierce, Kerry ISBN: 9781558704626 List Price: $23.99
Authenticity What Consumers Really Want by Gilmore, James H., Pine, Jo... ISBN: 9781591391456 List Price: $26.95
Mechanical Engineers' Handbook Materials and Mechanical Design by Kutz, Myer ISBN: 9780471719878 List Price: $185.00
Value-Driven Project Management by Kerzner, Harold, Saladis, F... ISBN: 9780470500804 List Price: $29.95
Managing Enterprise Content A Unified Content Strategy by Rockley, Ann ISBN: 9780735713062 List Price: $44.99
Tpm for Supervisors by Shirose, Kunio ISBN: 9781563271618 List Price: $25.00
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