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Dynamic competitive strategy & product life cycles by Chester R Wasson ISBN: 9780960035243
Dynamic competitive strategy & product life cycles by Chester R Wasson ISBN: 9780960035250
Automated Production Control by Unknown ISBN: 9780849055973 List Price: $250.95
Produktionsplanung und -Steuerung in der Elektronikmontage by Gronalt, Manfred ISBN: 9783631334751 List Price: $51.95
Boden als Anlageobjekt und Produktionsfaktor by Eckart, Wolfgang ISBN: 9783820472226 List Price: $30.75
Production : How to Organize Your Production Office, Increase Efficiency and Make Informed P... by Cook Communications Ministr... ISBN: 9781884752155 List Price: $6.00
2002 Product Development Metrics Survey Results : North American Practices in Pipeline Loadi... by Goldense, Bradford L., Schw... ISBN: 9781932468083 List Price: $892.00
PDM Benefits Analysis Guide : Assessing Product Data Management Systems for Engineering and ... by Johnson, Robert, Leonard, M... ISBN: 9781889760056 List Price: $895.00
PDM Buyer's Guide : Product Data Management Systems for Engineering and Manufacturing by Miller, Eddy, MacKrell, Joh... ISBN: 9781889760018 List Price: $995.00
Production Function, Demand Function and Location Theory of the Firm by Sakashita, Noboru ISBN: 9781558691001 List Price: $7.50
Production Development : Design and Operation of Production Systems by Bellgran, Monica, S�fsten, ... ISBN: 9781848824959
Process Planning The Design/Manufacture Interface by Scallan, Peter ISBN: 9780750651295 List Price: $62.95
Operations Management Contemporary Concepts and Cases by Schroeder, Roger G. ISBN: 9780072498912 List Price: $70.63
Hero and the Outlaw Building Extraordinary Brands Through the Power of Archetypes by Mark, Margaret, Pearson, Ca... ISBN: 9780071364157 List Price: $29.95
ProSim - Restaurant by Unknown ISBN: 9781932449334 List Price: $39.99
Operations Management (Barron's Business Review) by Jae K. Shim Ph.D., Joel G. ... ISBN: 9780764105104 List Price: $18.99
Advances in Production Management Systems by Olhager, Jan, Persson, Fredrik ISBN: 9780387741567 List Price: $159.00
Montage in der Industriellen Produktion: Optimierte Ablufe, Rationelle Automatisierung by Lotter, Bruno, Wiendahl, Ha... ISBN: 9783540214137 List Price: $199.00
Production Scheduling by Lopez, Pierre, Roubellat, F... ISBN: 9781848210172 List Price: $195.00
Business of Electronic Product Development by Montgomerie, G. A., Monds, ... ISBN: 9780863410123 List Price: $54.00
Time-Based Manufacturing by Bockerstette, Joseph, Shell... ISBN: 9780070063075 List Price: $40.00
Megabrands: How to Build Them, How to Beat Them by D. John Loden ISBN: 9781556234699 List Price: $32.50
Process Technology by Di Notto, Elisabetta, Fugge... ISBN: 9780792380900 List Price: $214.00
World Class Production and Inventory Management by Landvater, Darryl V. ISBN: 9780471178552 List Price: $85.00
Designing Innovations in Industrial Logistics Modelling by Kusiak, Andrew, Bielli, Mau... ISBN: 9780849383359 List Price: $159.95
Directing the Flow of Product A Guide to Improving Supply Chain Planning by Schutt, Jeffrey ISBN: 9781932159196 List Price: $54.95
Accelerating Innovation: Improving the Process of Product Development by Patterson, Marvin L., Light... ISBN: 9780471285465 List Price: $34.95
Supply Chain Configuration Concepts, Solutions, And Applications by Chandra, Charu, Grabis, Janis ISBN: 9780387251905 List Price: $169.00
The Hidden Power of Productivity: Improving Productivity by 30% without Layoffs! by Bohan, Fintan William ISBN: 9781418484682 List Price: $17.50
Production/oper.mgmt.-w/cd by Stevenson, William J. ISBN: 9780072476569 List Price: $106.75
Master Production Scheduling Principles and Practices by Berry, William ISBN: 9780935406214 List Price: $25.00
Master Planning Reprints Certified in Production and Inventory Management by Appic Master Planning Commi... ISBN: 9781558220409 List Price: $21.00
Production Economics by McFadden, D., Fuss, M. ISBN: 9780444850126 List Price: $74.50
Constraint Management in Production Companies by Emminger, Thomas ISBN: 9783836488372 List Price: $64.00
Developing Successful New Products A Guide to Product Planning by Allen, David ISBN: 9780273601500 List Price: $87.50
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