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Matching Supply with Demand An Introduction to Operations Management by Cachon, Gerard, Terwiesch, ... ISBN: 9780072918991 List Price: $127.81
Cellular Manufacturing One-Piece Flow for Workteams by Productivity Development Staff ISBN: 9781563272134 List Price: $25.00
Operations Management by Heizer, Jay H., Render, Barry ISBN: 9780132370608
Product Management by Lehmann, Donald R., Winer, ... ISBN: 9780072865981
Manager's Guide to Operations Management (Briefcase Books) by Kamauff, John ISBN: 9780071627993 List Price: $16.95
Measuring Design Effort In Product Development by Salam, Adil, Bhuiyan, Nadia... ISBN: 9783639031003 List Price: $64.00
Product Management Handbook: Your Practical Guide to Improving and Sustaining Results by Handscombe, Richard S. ISBN: 9780077070823 List Price: $27.95
Operations Management : Goods, Services and Value Chains by David A. Collier ISBN: 9780324184709
Retail Product Management Buying And Merchandising by Varley, Rosemary ISBN: 9780415327152 List Price: $58.95
PDMA Toolbook 2 For New Product Development by Belliveau, Paul, Griffin, A... ISBN: 9780471206118 List Price: $99.00
Outlines & Highlights for Operations Management: An Integrated Approach by Reid, ISBN: 97804... by Cram101 Textbook Reviews Staff ISBN: 9781428864443 List Price: $11.95
Kaizen for the Shopfloor by Productivity Press, Develop... ISBN: 9781563272721 List Price: $25.00
Think Two Products Ahead Secrets the Big Advertising Agencies Don't Want You to Know And How... by Mack, Ben, Joyner, Mark, La... ISBN: 9780470055762 List Price: $21.95
Production and Operations Management: A Self-correcting Approach by Ralph M. Stair, Barry Render ISBN: 9780205067152
Production Control in Engineering by Corke, D. K. ISBN: 9780713133806 List Price: $42.50
Focused Operations Management by Ronen, Boaz, Pass, Shimeon ISBN: 9780470145104 List Price: $100.00
Ten Steps to Increase Jobsite Productivity by James J. Adrian ISBN: 9780867185232
Production and Operations Management by Unknown ISBN: 9781420070484 List Price: $99.95
Production and Operations Management by Weiss, Howard J., Gershon, ... ISBN: 9780205117246 List Price: $55.00
Production and Operations Management: A Life Cycle Approach by Chase, Richard B., Aquilano... ISBN: 9780256019193
Certified Production and Inventory Manager (Cpim) - National Learning Corporation - Paperback by National Learning Corporation ISBN: 9780837338347 List Price: $49.95
Productions and Operations Management by Noori ISBN: 9780079122575
Earned Value Project Management - Fourth Edition by Fleming, Quentin, Koffleman... ISBN: 9781935589082 List Price: $49.95
Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind, 20th Anniversary Edition by Al Ries, Jack Trout ISBN: 9780071359160 List Price: $26.95
Operation Management by Barry Heizer Jay H.;Render ISBN: 9780131857551
Operations Management Strategy and Analysis by Krajewski, Lee J., Ritzman,... ISBN: 9780131436640 List Price: $125.33
Engineering Documentation Control Handbook Configuation Management by Watts, Frank B. ISBN: 9780815514466 List Price: $79.00
Production Operations Management: Fundamental Concepts and Methods by Thomas E. Hendrick, Frankli... ISBN: 9780256025507 List Price: $18.50
Revolutionizing Product Development Quantum Leaps in Speed, Efficiency, and Quality by Wheelwright, Steven C., Cla... ISBN: 9780029055151 List Price: $39.95
Production and Operations Management: An Applied Modern Approach by Joseph S. Martinich ISBN: 9780471546320
Operations Management for MBAs by Meredith, Jack R., Meredith... ISBN: 9780471000600 List Price: $53.95
Manufacturing Resource Planning Mrp II Unlocking America's Productivity Potential by Wight, Oliver W., Wight, Ol... ISBN: 9780471132745 List Price: $70.00
New Product Development From Initial Idea to Product Management by Annacchino, Marc A. ISBN: 9780750677325 List Price: $123.00
Readings in Production and Operations Management: A Productivity Perspective (Quantitative m... by Ahmad Ahmadian, Rasoul Afif... ISBN: 9780205122455 List Price: $31.95
Product Planning: An Integrated Approach by Stone, Merlin ISBN: 9780470989159 List Price: $32.95
Management and Control of Production and Logistics 2004 by Lefranc, Gaston ISBN: 9780080444840 List Price: $100.00
Management of Productivity and Technology in Manufacturing by Unknown ISBN: 9780306420320 List Price: $158.00
Production and Operations Management: Concepts, Models and Behavior by Adam, Everett E., Ebert, Ro... ISBN: 9780137249718
Verifikation und Validierung fr die Simulation in Produktion und Logistik by Wenzel, Sigrid, Rabe, Marku... ISBN: 9783540352815 List Price: $89.95
Product Management: A Reader by Dunne, Patrick, Obenhouse, ... ISBN: 9780877571476 List Price: $22.00
How to Win Productivity in Manufacturing by Sandman, William E., Hayes,... ISBN: 9780814457399
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