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From bonds and futures to mutual funds and options, there are many areas worth exploring when it comes to investing. When you have a chance to buy cheap investments and securities textbooks you also have a chance to get the cheapest deals on the market today. We specialize in affordable pre-owned books that have already helped many other people through college and beyond. Look among the thousands of titles we have here and narrow down your search parameters too if it helps. Look for Bond Markets, Analysis and Strategies; Fundamentals of Investments; Damodaran on Valuation: Security Analysis for Investment and Corporate Finance; and Rich Dad Poor Dad. We have lots of other books coming in via our buyback service too, and you can sell your investments and securities books back as well whenever you want to. When you trust in Valore Books you trust in a service that will never let you down.

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Fundamentals of Investments by Jordan, Bradford D., Miller... ISBN: 9780073530710 List Price: $212.65
Rich Dad,poor Dad by Kiyosaki, Robert T., Lechte... ISBN: 9780964385610 List Price: $15.95
Aftershock : Protect Yourself and Profit in the Next Global Financial Meltdown by Wiedemer, David, Wiedemer, ... ISBN: 9780470918142 List Price: $27.95
Futures, Options, And Swaps by Overdahl, James A., Kolb, R... ISBN: 9781405150491 List Price: $105.95
Intelligent Investor A Book of Practical Counsel by Graham, Benjamin, Zweig, Ja... ISBN: 9780060555665 List Price: $21.99
How to Make Money in Stocks by O'Neil, William J. ISBN: 9780070480742 List Price: $10.95
Stock Investing for Dummies by Mladjenovic, Paul ISBN: 9780764599033 List Price: $21.99
Behavioural Finance by Forbes, William, Forbes ISBN: 9780470028049 List Price: $77.95
Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits and Other Writings by Fisher, Philip A., Fisher, ... ISBN: 9780471445500 List Price: $21.95
Investing Smart How to Pick Winning Stocks With Investor's Business Daily by Sethna, Dhun H., O'Neil, Wi... ISBN: 9780070578722 List Price: $14.95
Fixed Income Analysis by Fabozzi, Frank J. ISBN: 9780470052211 List Price: $95.00
Quantitative Investment Analysis by McLeavey, Dennis W., Pinto,... ISBN: 9780470052204 List Price: $95.00
Series 7 Exam for Dummies by Rice, Steven M. ISBN: 9780470099322 List Price: $24.99
Fibonacci Trading by Boroden, Carolyn ISBN: 9780071498159 List Price: $69.95
Stigum's Money Market by Stigum, Marcia, Crescenzi, ... ISBN: 9780071448451 List Price: $134.95
Managing Investment Portfolios A Dynamic Process by McLeavey, Dennis W., Bernst... ISBN: 9780470080146 List Price: $100.00
Encyclopedia of Candlestick Charts by Bulkowski, Thomas N. ISBN: 9780470182017 List Price: $150.00
Little Book That Beats the Market by Greenblatt, Joel, Tobias, A... ISBN: 9780471733065 List Price: $19.95
Technical Analysis of Stock Trends by Edwards, Robert D., Magee, ... ISBN: 9780814408643 List Price: $99.95
Hedge Fund Edge Maximum Profit/Minimum Risk Global Trend Trading Strategies by Boucher, Mark ISBN: 9780471185383 List Price: $100.00
Stock Market Course by Fontanills, George A., Gent... ISBN: 9780471393153 List Price: $60.00
Random Walk Down Wall Street Including a Life-Cycle Guide to Personal Investing by Malkiel, Burton Gordon ISBN: 9780393320404 List Price: $17.95
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