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Whenever you are studying business or economics topics at college, you will undoubtedly need a variety of text books to help you through the learning process. You can buy cheap corporate finance textbooks from this section of our site, enabling you to save money on the cheapest pre-owned titles we have in stock. Our collection of books includes the likes of Foundations of Financial Management; Principles of Corporate Finance; Valuation: Measuring and Managing the Value of Companies; and Project Financing: Asset Based Financial Engineering. As you can see, learning more about this area of interest is easier and more straightforward when you use our website to find the best and most affordable books. You can still sell your corporate finance books back at a later point if you need to - we offer a buyback system as well. When you shop with Valore Books you always get the best and cheapest offers.

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Foundations of Financial Management by Block, Stanley B., Hirt, Ge... ISBN: 9780073530727 List Price: $268.95
Principles of Corporate Finance by Brealey, Richard A., Myers,... ISBN: 9780073530734
Corporate Finance by Ross, Stephen A. ISBN: 9780073382333 List Price: $186.88
Value: The Four Cornerstones of Corporate Finance by McKinsey and Company, Inc. ... ISBN: 9780470424605 List Price: $29.95
Business Valuation Discounts and Premiums by Pratt, Shannon P., Pratt ISBN: 9780470371480 List Price: $115.95
Cost of Capital : Applications and Examples by Pratt, Shannon P., Grabowsk... ISBN: 9780470476055 List Price: $160.00
Pick Another Checkout Lane, Honey by Demer, Joanie, Wheeler, Hea... ISBN: 9780984149780 List Price: $19.99
Analysis for Financial Management by Higgins, Robert ISBN: 9780073382319 List Price: $90.94
Optimizing Corporate Portfolio Management Aligning Investment Proposals With Organizational ... by Sanwal, Anand K., Crittende... ISBN: 9780470126882 List Price: $84.50
Revolution in Corporate Finance by Stern, Joel M., Chew, Donal... ISBN: 9781405107815 List Price: $84.95
Finance for Managers by Harvard Business School Staff ISBN: 9781578518760 List Price: $19.95
Economic Structure of Corporate Law by Easterbrook, Frank H., Fisc... ISBN: 9780674235397 List Price: $34.00
Foundations of Financial Management by Block, Stanley, Hirt, Geoffrey ISBN: 9780073382388 List Price: $158.44
New Cfo Financial Leadership Manual by Bragg, Steven M. ISBN: 9780470082003 List Price: $120.95
Viable Vision Transforming Total Sales Into Net Profits by Kendall, Gerald I. ISBN: 9781932159387 List Price: $24.95
Bond Portfolio Investing and Risk Management by Wise, Mark, Bhansali, Vineer ISBN: 9780071623704 List Price: $95.00
Fund Corp Finance by Brealey, Richar, Myers, Ste... ISBN: 9780073382302 List Price: $167.50
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