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While the body may be studied in terms of anatomy and physical structure, the nature of mind and spirit is quite different. While it is difficult to comprehend and explain unseen phenomenon, writers continue to explore them. Since many books have been written to explore the ultimate truth about body, mind and spirit and how these concepts are interlinked yet have exclusive existence, at Valore Books, you can find perspectives from different angles by finding authors who not only address these questions, but who have theories and explanations of their own.

These body, mind and spirit books explore the complex conceptual ideas regarding spiritual existence and concepts of heaven, faith and human existence. Different authors discuss the workings of mind and body, as well as the needs of the spirit from different point of views. Each author has a unique theory and definition of these abstract concepts, which are often inspirational and convincing. The reflection of these ideas gives an insight into a different world that covers mystical concepts, witchcraft, psychics, religion, miracles, mysteries of the human mind and how they may all influence our physical existence. Valore Books feautres a comprehensive collection of all these diverse body, mind and spirit books that journey deeper into these concepts. Not only are these books informative, but they compel the reader to think outside the box.

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Gratitude Book Project : 2012 Edition by Kozik Rocha ISBN: 9780983846833 List Price: $17.95
You Can Bet Your Life on God by Checketts, Darby ISBN: 9780983847007 List Price: $12.95
joyful Journey : Exploring Your Vibration of Creation by Karas-Malbon, Sandra ISBN: 9780984832002 List Price: $9.95
Gratitude Is a Funny Thing by Walsh, Kathy ISBN: 9780984841127 List Price: $12.00
Love Is the Moon, the Stars and the Sky by Walsh, Kathy ISBN: 9780984841110 List Price: $12.00
Life Is a Rainbow by Walsh, Kathy ISBN: 9780984841103 List Price: $12.00
Revelation by Denninger, George ISBN: 9780984840601 List Price: $15.95
Bright BLue Balloon by Walsh, Kathy ISBN: 9780984841134 List Price: $12.00
Gift of Holy Spirit : The Power to Be Like Christ by Lynn, John A., Graeser, Mar... ISBN: 9780984837403 List Price: $15.00
Is There Death after Life? by Lynn, John A., Graeser, Mar... ISBN: 9780984837410 List Price: $8.00
Don't Blame God : A Biblical Answer to the Problem of Evil, Sin and Suffering by Lynn, John A., Graeser, Mar... ISBN: 9780984837427 List Price: $18.95
Gift of Holy Spirit : The Power to Be Like Christ by Lynn, John A., Graeser, Mar... ISBN: 9780984837434 List Price: $18.95
Is There Death after Life? by Lynn, John A., Graeser, Mar... ISBN: 9780984837441 List Price: $18.95
Crickets and Thunder : Following God to the Ends of the Earth by Low, Karen Judd, Lombardi, ... ISBN: 9780984843008 List Price: $12.00
Gail Thackray's Spiritual Journeys by Thackray, Gail ISBN: 9780984844029 List Price: $14.95
Last Visit by Dodson, Margaret ISBN: 9780984863891 List Price: $14.95
Evolution of Human Consciousness : A Vision of Possibilities for Human Life by Mason, Franklin ISBN: 9780984862207 List Price: $19.95
Cómo Cultivar a Vida para Dios by Cole, Neil ISBN: 9780984862122 List Price: $13.99
With Roses for All by Unknown ISBN: 9780984858101 List Price: $16.95
Congratulations You Graduated, So Now What? by Ridgway, Kathy, Wertz, Pamela ISBN: 9780984871209 List Price: $9.95
Holy Dirt, Sacred Earth : A Dowser's Journey in New Mexico by Egby, Robert ISBN: 9780984866427 List Price: $14.99
Naked in the Garden of the Serpent by Robin, C. A. ISBN: 9780984867608 List Price: $18.00
Angels for Everyday Living : How to Communicate with Angels by Michelle, Candie, Sakmar-Su... ISBN: 9780984877348 List Price: $18.99
Message of the Day by Peters, Ammie, Prible, Joe,... ISBN: 9780984772230 List Price: $11.99
26 Things Life Taught Me by Peters, Ammie ISBN: 9780984772247 List Price: $14.99
Sweet Dreams by Byram, Cassie, Byram, Cassi... ISBN: 9780984776016 List Price: $16.95
Zodiac Project by Gordon, Philip ISBN: 9780984763863
James and Yeshua by McKenna, Marlin ISBN: 9780984793228 List Price: $15.00
Wired : Plugging into the Power of God's Word by Simms, Bruce ISBN: 9780984794508 List Price: $13.95
Little Star by Grenda, Janet, Pionzio-Hohl... ISBN: 9780984797202
Girl Up : We're up to Know Good by Van Kempen McClanahan, Crys... ISBN: 9780984799206 List Price: $7.95
Living on Edge! : While trying to make it to the Top by Manigault, Amanda, Manigaul... ISBN: 9780984780716 List Price: $19.95
Are Most Christians Headed to Hell? : A wake up call for EVERY Christian. (and pastor and ch... by Smith, Jeff, Bryson, Rachel... ISBN: 9780984783007 List Price: $19.95
When the Fire Spreads : What Happens When Spiritual Warfare and the Holy Spirit Show up at C... by Smith, Jeff, Bryson, Rachel... ISBN: 9780984783021 List Price: $17.95
Spiritual Sensitivity Journal : My Time with God Making My Meters Tick Up! by Smith, Jeff, Bryson, Rachel... ISBN: 9780984783045 List Price: $8.95
As You Were : The Cancer That Is Killing Christians and the Church by Smith, Jeff, Bryson, Rachel... ISBN: 9780984783052 List Price: $18.95
Word of God by Secor, Isabelle ISBN: 9780984787333 List Price: $3.65
Freedom Stories : N/a: volume One by Cook, Rivera Sun, Cook, Riv... ISBN: 9780984813209 List Price: $14.99
Imagine-a-nation of Lala Child by Cook, Rivera Sun, Cook, Riv... ISBN: 9780984813216 List Price: $14.99
Elizabeth : Learning to dress myself from the inside Out by Moloney, Mary Elizabeth ISBN: 9780984809707 List Price: $14.95
Sunny Side of Cancer by Carney, Mark, Carney, Mark ISBN: 9780984813902 List Price: $16.95
Patterns from the Nativity for Coming to Christ by Young, Bradford, Madsen, Bo... ISBN: 9780984808878 List Price: $19.95
Magical Year : 2012 Desk Calendar by Summers, Elizabeth, Lion, Sue ISBN: 9780984827121 List Price: $9.99
Number Wisdom : Flipchart by Summers, Elizabeth, Lion, Sue ISBN: 9780984827107 List Price: $12.99
To Heaven and Back : The True Story of a Doctor's Extraordinary Walk with God by Neal, Mary C. ISBN: 9780984819225 List Price: $14.95
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