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Often, readers tend to be more interested in real life experiences. Luckily, biography and autobiography books take you on a journey through the lives of others so that you may learn about their experiences firsthand. These books are often inspiring, motivating, interesting or simply good reads. Notably, Valore Books houses biographies of some of the famous people in history.

Biographies and autobiography books are usually popular because they generate much interest in their target audience; when such books chronicle the famous, readers cannot wait to grab the books in order to discover the inside stories of their lives. Reading about someone's triumphs, joys, struggles and failures is a learning experience in itself, and these books hold unique value: they are not just fictional stories or pieces of imagination, but true accounts that positively and powerfully influence each reader.

Celebrities, politicians, athletes, successful entrepreneurs and others from diverse walks of life have their biographies and autobiography books on the market, and they are all available at Valore Books. Sometimes, biographies and autobiographies focus on certain personal struggles, and they often reflect on how to lead a successful life. With this in mind, you can also read biography and autobiography books from less famous authors, which are also quite insightful.

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The Book of Colt Firearms by R. L. Wilson ISBN: 9780962594373 List Price: $149.95
Music of Conlon Nancarrow by Gann, Kyle, Whittall, Arnold ISBN: 9780521028073 List Price: $61.00
Writings by Martin, Agnes, Schwarz, Dieter ISBN: 9783775716116 List Price: $29.95
Josef Frank Life and Work by Long, Christopher, Frank, J... ISBN: 9780226492667 List Price: $80.00
Cosimo De' Medici and the Florentine Renaissance The Patron's Oeuvre by Kent, Dale ISBN: 9780300081282 List Price: $75.00
Ruth Etting: America's Forgotten Sweetheart by Irwin, Kenneth, Lloyd, Char... ISBN: 9780810869653 List Price: $55.00
Catalogues of Books, Vol. 26 by Edwards, Jonathan, Thuesen,... ISBN: 9780300133943 List Price: $95.00
Encyclopedia of War by Martel, Gordon ISBN: 9781405190374 List Price: $795.00
Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail (Vintage) by Cheryl Strayed ISBN: 9780307476074 List Price: $15.95
Summit Vittorio Sella Mountaineering and Photographer The Years 1879-1909 by Sella, Vittoria, Child, Gre... ISBN: 9780893818081 List Price: $50.00
Lartigue by Sayag, Alain, Bajac, Quenti... ISBN: 9780810946200 List Price: $75.00
The Chronicle of Lord Nobunaga (Brill's Japanese Studies Library) by ta Gyichi. J.S.A. Elisona... ISBN: 9789004201620 List Price: $197.00
Biographical Encyclopedia of Astronomers by Hockey, Thomas, Bracher, Ka... ISBN: 9780387310220 List Price: $499.00
Reading the Grateful Dead: A Critical Survey by Unknown ISBN: 9780810883710 List Price: $70.00
Military Neuropsychology by Kennedy, Carrie, Kennedy, C... ISBN: 9780826104489 List Price: $85.00
Raymond Pettibon by Storr, Robert, Kelley, Mike... ISBN: 9780847835003 List Price: $85.00
Mohammed: The Man and his Faith by Tor Andrae ISBN: 9780415438797 List Price: $205.00
Peter Hujar A Retrospective by Kozloff, Max ISBN: 9781881616351 List Price: $50.00
Surreal Friends: Leonora Carrington, Remedios Varo and Kati Horna by Raay, Stefan van, Joanna, M... ISBN: 9781848220591 List Price: $60.00
Lancelot Andrewes Selected Sermons And Lectures by McCullough, Peter, Andrewes... ISBN: 9780198187745 List Price: $250.00
Preparticipation Physical Evaluation by Bernhardt, David T., Robert... ISBN: 9781581103762 List Price: $44.95
Book of Gossage by Gossage, Howard, Bruce, Ben... ISBN: 9781887229289 List Price: $50.00
Josef Sudek by Sudek, Josef, Farova, Anna ISBN: 9783929078558
Dictionary of African Biography by Gates, Henry Louis, Jr., Ak... ISBN: 9780195382075 List Price: $995.00
Ari Marcopoulos: Directory by Wakefield, Neville, Marcopo... ISBN: 9780847835324 List Price: $65.00
Philipp Brothers: The History of a Trading Giant - Helmut Waszkis - Hardcover by Waszkis, Helmut ISBN: 9780947671129 List Price: $30.00
Shigeru Ban: Complete Works 1985-2010 by Jodidio, Philip ISBN: 9783836507356 List Price: $150.00
Wallace Berman Photographs by McKenna, Kristine, Wild, Lo... ISBN: 9781933045610 List Price: $50.00
Araki by Araki, Nobuyoshi, Isshiki, ... ISBN: 9780714845760 List Price: $175.00
Matisse by Schneider, Pierre, Taylor, ... ISBN: 9780847805464 List Price: $100.00
The Words of Joseph Smith: The contemporary accounts of the Nauvoo discourses of the Prophet... by Andrew F. Ehat, Lyndon W. Cook ISBN: 9780884944195 List Price: $199.42
Oxford Handbook of Religion and Emotion by Corrigan, John ISBN: 9780195170214 List Price: $150.00
The Ashgate Research Companion to Byzantine Hagiography by Stephanos Efthymiadis ISBN: 9780754650331 List Price: $144.95
Autobiography by Avedon, Richard ISBN: 9780679409212 List Price: $100.00
Dorothea Lange Photographs of a Lifetime by Lange, Dorothea, Lange, Dor... ISBN: 9780893816575 List Price: $60.00
Warren William : Magnificent Scoundrel of Pre-Code Hollywood by Stangeland, John ISBN: 9780786448784 List Price: $45.00
Famouz Anton Corbijn Photographs 1975 88 by Corbijn, Anton ISBN: 9783829601825 List Price: $69.95
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