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Garage Sale and Flea Market Annual Sixteenth Edition by Collector Books Staff ISBN: 9781574325843 List Price: $19.95
The rifleman's rifle: Winchester's model 70, 1936-1963 by Rule, Roger C. ISBN: 9780910785006
U.S. Flea Market Directory A Guide to the Best Flea Markets in All 50 States by LaFarge, Albert, Lafarge, A... ISBN: 9780312264055 List Price: $15.95
Complete Price Guide to Watches No. 30 by Shugart, Cooksey, Gilbert, ... ISBN: 9781574326437 List Price: $29.95
Sea Glass Chronicles Whispers from the Past by Lambert, Carole S., Hanbery... ISBN: 9780892725083 List Price: $30.00
2nd Muffy Vanderbear Identification & Price Guide by Gehlbach, Ann ISBN: 9780875885902 List Price: $22.95
Who Goes There? 1950'S Horror & Sci-Fi Movie Posters & Lobby Cards by Hershenson, Bruce ISBN: 9781887893480 List Price: $31.95
American Engraved Powder Horns The Golden Age, 1755/1783 by DuMont, John S. ISBN: 9780914016571 List Price: $29.50
Woman's Day Dictionary of Antique Furniture - Edith M. Gaines - Hardcover by Gaines, Edith M., Jenkins, ... ISBN: 9780801587924 List Price: $4.95
Pamper Your Possessions P Rev by Crown ISBN: 9780517535240 List Price: $4.95
Wade Collectors Handbook and Price Guide by Ashbrook, Stella M. ISBN: 9781870703192 List Price: $19.95
Sock and Glove Creating Charming Softy Friends from Cast-off Socks and Gloves by Kanamori, Miyako ISBN: 9781557885166 List Price: $14.00
Decanter An Illustrated History of Glass from 1650 by McConnell, Andy ISBN: 9781851494286 List Price: $89.50
Collector's Guide to Battery Toys by Hultzman, Don ISBN: 9781574320299 List Price: $19.95
Crown Jewels of Europe by Prince Michael of Greece ISBN: 9780060152017 List Price: $19.95
Comics Values Annual 2008 by Malloy, Alex G., Wells, Stu... ISBN: 9780896896055
Sport Americana Team Football and Basketball Card Checklist No. 1 by Jeff Fritsch, Jane Fritsch,... ISBN: 9780937424506
TV Toys and the Shows That Inspired Them by Liljebald, Cynthia B. ISBN: 9780873414401 List Price: $19.95
American Glass : From the Pages of Antiques, Two Volumes in One by Marvin D. Schwartz, Robert ... ISBN: 9780878610679
Buying and Selling Antiques A Dealer Shows How to Get into the Business by Cline, Don, Pitzer, Sara ISBN: 9780882664064 List Price: $14.95
American counters by L. B Fauver ISBN: 9780960716210
500 Years of Golf Balls History & Collector's Guide by Hotchkiss, John F., Palmer,... ISBN: 9780930625726 List Price: $24.95
McCoy Pottery Collectors Reference and Value Guide by Nissen, Craig, Hanson, Marg... ISBN: 9781574322521 List Price: $24.95
Penny Bank Book by Moore, Andy, Moore, Susan ISBN: 9780764328428 List Price: $49.95
Lehner's Encyclopedia of U.S. Marks on Pottery, Porcelain and Clay by Lehner, Lois ISBN: 9780891453659 List Price: $24.95
Star Wars Vault (Thirty Years of Treasures From the Lucasfilm Archives, Suggested retail $60) by Sansweet, Stephen J., Vilmu... ISBN: 9781932855852 List Price: $24.99
Glass Paperweights of the Bergstrom-Mahler Museum - Geraldine J. Casper - Hardcover by Casper, Geraldine J. ISBN: 9780810933507 List Price: $65.00
Barney Google : a complete compilation, 1919-1920 by Billy De Beck ISBN: 9780883556306
Standard Catalog Of Comic Books by Miller, John Jackson ISBN: 9780873498296 List Price: $34.99
Winchester Model 94 The First 100 Years by Renneberg, Robert C. ISBN: 9780873411615 List Price: $34.95
Standard Catalog of United States Paper Money by Krause, Chester L., Lemke, ... ISBN: 9780896891555 List Price: $31.99
Mary Engelbreit Poster Book Classroom Collection by Engelbreit, Mary, Engelbrei... ISBN: 9780740720840 List Price: $19.95
Comics Values Annual : 1995 : The Comic Books Price Guide by Alex G. Malloy, Stewart W. ... ISBN: 9780870697258 List Price: $12.95
Complete Potter's Companion by Birks, Tony ISBN: 9780821224953 List Price: $27.99
Winchester Model 42 by Schwing, Ned ISBN: 9780873411349 List Price: $34.95
Beckett Pokemon Collector Price Guide (Beckett Pokemon Collector Price Guides) by Beckett Publications ISBN: 9781887432962 List Price: $9.95
Griswold Cast Iron: A Price Guide, Vol. 1 by L-W Books ISBN: 9780895380234 List Price: $19.95
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