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Bravo of Venice : A Romance by Lewis, Matthew G., Varma, D... ISBN: 9780405008078 List Price: $51.95
Gothic to Fantastic Readings in Supernatural Fiction by Lea, Sydney L., Varma, Deve... ISBN: 9780405126536 List Price: $28.95
Nocturnal Visit A Tale by Roche, Regina M., Varma, De... ISBN: 9780405101434 List Price: $91.95
Ann Radcliffe and Her Influence on Later Writers by Tompkins, Joyce M., Varma, ... ISBN: 9780405126819 List Price: $28.95
Varney, the Vampire Or, the Feast of Blood by Prest, Thomas P., Varma, De... ISBN: 9780405008016 List Price: $64.95
Recess: or A Tale of Other Times by Lee, Sophia, Varma, Devendr... ISBN: 9780405008061 List Price: $54.95
Gothic Novels, Series 2 by Varma, Devendra P. ISBN: 9780405060113 List Price: $847.00
Zastrozzi: A Romance and St. Irvyne : Or, the Rosicrucian : A Romance (Gothic Novels III) by Shelley, Percy Bysshe, Varm... ISBN: 9780405101441 List Price: $27.95
Gothic Romance by Roberts, Bette B., Varma, D... ISBN: 9780405126581 List Price: $31.95
Functions of setting in the novel: From Mrs. Radcliffe to Charles Dickens (Gothic studies an... by Ronald, Ann, Varma, Devendr... ISBN: 9780405126598 List Price: $31.95
The metaphysical novel in England: The Romantic phase (Gothic studies and dissertations) by Platzner, Robert L., Varma,... ISBN: 9780405126567 List Price: $36.95
Essays in Gothic Fiction From Horace Walpole to Mary Shelley by Van Luchene, Stephen R., Va... ISBN: 9780405126499 List Price: $31.95
Configurations of Faust Three Studies in the Gothic by Soldati, Joseph A., Varma, ... ISBN: 9780405126628 List Price: $23.95
Count St. Blancard Or, the Prejudiced Judge A Novel by Meeke, Mary, Varma, Devendr... ISBN: 9780405101427 List Price: $72.95
Art of Gothic Ann Radcliffe's Major Novels by Smith, Nelson C., Varma, De... ISBN: 9780405126802 List Price: $28.95
Barozzi Or, the Venetian Sorceress A Romance of the Sixteenth Century by Smith, Catherine, Varma, De... ISBN: 9780405101458 List Price: $42.95
Charles Robert Maturin The Forgotten Imitator by Harris, John B., Varma, Dev... ISBN: 9780405126468 List Price: $41.95
Influence of William Godwin on the Novels of Mary Shelley by Powers, Katherine R., Varma... ISBN: 9780405126574 List Price: $23.95
Romance and Psychological Realism in William Godwin's Novels by Hughes, Dean T., Varma, Dev... ISBN: 9780405126734 List Price: $23.95
Gothic Heroine and the Nature of the Gothic Novel by Mise, Raymond W., Varma, De... ISBN: 9780405126758 List Price: $31.95
Gothic Visions of Ann Radcliffe and Matthew G. Lewis by Reno, Robert P., Varma, Dev... ISBN: 9780405126482 List Price: $31.95
Gothic Strains and Bourgeois Sentiments in the Novels of Mrs. Ann Radcliffe and Her Imitators by Garrett, John, Varma, Deven... ISBN: 9780405126680 List Price: $50.95
Priory of St. Bernard An Old English Tale by Harley, M., Varma, Devendra P. ISBN: 9780405101380 List Price: $61.95
St. Margaret's Cave Or, the Nun's Story An Ancient Legend by Helme, Elizabeth, Varma, De... ISBN: 9780405101397 List Price: $101.95
Study of the Imagery in the Gothic Romances of Ann Radcliffe by Swigart, Ford H., Varma, De... ISBN: 9780405126635 List Price: $23.95
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