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Christianity of Old As the Creation by Tindal, Matthew ISBN: 9781855067387 List Price: $120.00
Dialogue Between Timothy and Philatheus : In Which Principles and Projects of a Late Whimsic... by Tindal, Matthew, Oldisworth... ISBN: 9781147752670 List Price: $39.75
Answer to a Late Book [by M Tindall] Intituled, 'Christianity As Old As the Creation' by Leland, John, Tindall, Matthew ISBN: 9781148495996 List Price: $34.75
New High-Church Turn'D Old Presbyterian by Tindal, Matthew ISBN: 9781149705087 List Price: $14.75
Defection Farther Consider'D : Wherein the resigners ... are really Dissenters by Defoe, Daniel, Tindal, Matthew ISBN: 9781149899656 List Price: $15.75
Defence of revealed religion against the exceptions of a late writer in his book intituled C... by Conybeare, John, Tindal, Ma... ISBN: 9781116668520 List Price: $30.99
Two Treatises, One of the Christian Priesthood; the Other of the Dignity of the Episcopal Or... by Hickes, George, Tindall, Ma... ISBN: 9781142172329 List Price: $39.75
Defence of the Religion of Nature. by Tindal, Matthew, Browne, Simon ISBN: 9781117191393 List Price: $44.99
CHRISTNTY OLD CREATN (British Philosophers and Theologians of the 17th and 18th Centuries Se... by Tindal, Matthew, Wellek, Rene ISBN: 9780824018061 List Price: $16.00
The Defection by Tindal, Matthew ISBN: 9781140082422 List Price: $17.75
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