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Acoustic and Auditory Phonetics by Johnson, Keith, Sherman, V.... ISBN: 9781405194662 List Price: $44.95
Total Customer Satisfaction A Comprehensive Approach for Health Care Providers by Sherman, Stephanie G., Sher... ISBN: 9780787943929 List Price: $80.00
Creating the New American Hospital A Time for Greatness by Sherman, V. Clayton ISBN: 9781555425142 List Price: $75.00
Managerial Performance and Promotability: The Making of an Executive - Mark B. Silber - Hard... by Silber, Mark B., Sherman, V... ISBN: 9780814453254 List Price: $12.95
Make Yourself Memorable: Winning Strategies to Help You Make a Great Impression on Your Boss... by Sherman, Stephanie G., Sher... ISBN: 9780814479131 List Price: $15.95
Gold Standard Management: The Key to High-Performance Hospitals (Executive Essentials Series) by Sherman, V. Clayton, Sherma... ISBN: 9781567932867 List Price: $46.00
From Losers to Winners by Sherman, V. Clayton ISBN: 9780814411469 List Price: $65.00