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Phragmosporous Species of Nectria and Related Genera by Rossman, A. Y. ISBN: 9780000000781
Mycological Papers No. 157 : The Tubeufiaceae and Similar Loculoascomycetes by Rossman, A. Y. ISBN: 9780851985800 List Price: $31.50
A synopsis of Nectria Subgen. Dialonectria (Mycological Paper) by R Lowen, C T Rogerson, A Y ... ISBN: 9780851987361 List Price: $37.00
Literature Guide for the Identification of Plant Pathogenic Fungi by Rossman, Amy Y., Palm, Mary... ISBN: 9780890540800 List Price: $32.00
Global Genetic Resources Access, Ownership, and Intellectual Property Rights by Hoagland, K. Elaine, Rossma... ISBN: 9780942924190 List Price: $45.00
Scientific and Common Names of 7,000 Vascular Plants in the United States by Brako, Lois, Farr, David F.... ISBN: 9780890541715 List Price: $34.00