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Crisis Leadership Planning for the Unthinkable by Mitroff, Ian I. ISBN: 9780471229186 List Price: $70.95
Unreality Industry The Deliberate Manufacturing of Falsehood and What It Is Doing to Our Lives by Mitroff, Ian I., Bennis, Wa... ISBN: 9780195083989 List Price: $19.99
Unbounded Mind Breaking the Chains of Traditional Business Thinking by Mitroff, Ian I., Linstone, ... ISBN: 9780195102888 List Price: $34.99
Managing Crises Before They Happen What Every Executive And Manager Needs to Kknow About Cri... by Mitroff, Ian I., Anagnos, Gus ISBN: 9780814473283 List Price: $19.95
Challenge of the 21st Century Managing Technology and Ourselves in a Shrinking World by Linstone, Harold A., Mitrof... ISBN: 9780791419502 List Price: $31.95
Challenge of the 21st Century: Managing Technology and Ourselves in a Shrinking World by Linstone, Harold A., Mitrof... ISBN: 9780791419496 List Price: $64.50
Corporate Tragedies: Product Tampering, Sabotage, and Other Catastrophes by Kilmann, Ralph H., Mitroff,... ISBN: 9780275917425 List Price: $51.95
Smart Thinking for Crazy Times: The Art of Solving the Right Problems by Mitroff, Ian I. ISBN: 9781576750209 List Price: $24.95
Business Strategies for a Messy World : Tools for Systemic Problem-Solving by Barabba, Vincent, Mitroff, ... ISBN: 9781137396303
Subjective Side of Science (Systems Inquiry Series) by Churchman, C. West, Mitroff... ISBN: 9780914105213 List Price: $15.95
Spiritual Audit of Corporate America A Hard Look at Spirituality, Religion, and Values in th... by Mitroff, Ian I., Denton, El... ISBN: 9780787946661 List Price: $34.95
Transforming the Crisis-Prone Organization Preventing Individual, Organizational, and Enviro... by Pauchant, Thierry C., Mitro... ISBN: 9781555424077 List Price: $40.00
Methodological Approaches to Social Science Integrating Divergent Concepts and Theories by Mitroff, Ian I., Kilmann, R... ISBN: 9780875893860 List Price: $25.95
Essential Guide to Managing Corporate Crises A Step-By-Step Handbook for Surviving Major Cat... by Mitroff, Ian I., Pearson, C... ISBN: 9780195097443 List Price: $35.00
Unreality Industry by Mitroff, Ian I., Bennis, Wa... ISBN: 9781559720144 List Price: $17.95
Environmental and Business Disasters by Mitroff, Ian I., Pauchant, ... ISBN: 9781561711833 List Price: $5.50
Politics of the 1980 Census by Mitroff, Ian I., Mason, Ric... ISBN: 9780669052244 List Price: $29.50
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