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Baja Catch: A Fishing, Travel and Remote Camping Manual for Baja California - Neil Kelly by Kelly, Neil, Kira, Gene ISBN: 9780929637013 List Price: $19.95
Understanding Soccer Rules & Procedures for Players, Parents & Coaches by Kira, Gene S., A and O Kika... ISBN: 9780929637020 List Price: $12.95
Baja Catch A Fishing & Camping Manual for Mexico's Baja California Peninsula by Kira, Gene, Kelly, Neil ISBN: 9780929637051 List Price: $26.95
King of the Moon A Novel of Baja California by Kira, Gene ISBN: 9780929637037 List Price: $21.95
Understanding Soccer : Rules and Procedures for Players, Parents and Coaches by Kira, Gene ISBN: 9780613828642 List Price: $18.75
Baja Catch: An Inshore Fishing Manual for Baja, California by Kelly, Neil, Kira, Gene ISBN: 9780929637006 List Price: $19.95