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The Criminology of Place: Street Segments and Our Understanding of the Crime Problem by David Weisburd, Elizabeth R... ISBN: 9780195369083 List Price: $105.00
Illinois (It's My State!) by Price-Groff, Claire, Kaplan... ISBN: 9781608700509 List Price: $31.36
Hot Spots (HS) of Juvenile Crime : Findings from Seattle by Weisburd, David L., Groff, ... ISBN: 9781437957105 List Price: $15.00
Exploring the Spatial Configuration of Places Related to Homicide Events, Final Report by National Institute Of Justi... ISBN: 9781249597865 List Price: $20.75
Visualization of Spatial Relationships in Mobility Research : A Primer by National Institute Of Justi... ISBN: 9781249597858 List Price: $17.75