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UNESCO Dictionary of the Social Sciences - Julius Gould - Hardcover by Gould, Julius, Kolb, W. J. ISBN: 9780029174906
Life Story of Auguste Comte : The Dramatic Career of A Great Teacher, Profound Thinker and N... by Gould, Frederick James, Hal... ISBN: 9781258048150 List Price: $36.95
Local Union No. 11, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, AFL-CIO v. Boldt (Georg... by JULIUS REICH, CARL M GOULD,... ISBN: 9781270566977 List Price: $28.99
Teaching of the Social Sciences in Higher Technical Education : An International Survey by Gould, Julius, Smith, J. H. ISBN: 9789231006920 List Price: $7.00
A Dictionary of the Social Sciences by julius gould ISBN: 9780422712705
A Dictionary of the Social Sciences by GOULD (Julius) and William ... ISBN: 9781121639157