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Common Carp Part 1, Mass Production of Eggs and Early Fry/F2891 by Horváth, László, Tamás, Giz... ISBN: 9789251023013 List Price: $25.50
Simple Methods for Aquaculture Management for Freshwater Fish Culture Ponds by Coche, A. G., Muir, J. F., ... ISBN: 9789251028735 List Price: $62.00
Simple Methods for Aquaculture Pond Construction for Freshwater Fish Culture by Coche, A. G., Muir, J. F., ... ISBN: 9789251028728 List Price: $77.00
Simple Methods for Aquaculture Topography for Freshwater Fish Culture Topography Tools by Coche, Andre G., Laughlin, T. ISBN: 9789251025901 List Price: $105.00
Common Carp Pt. 1 : Mass Production of Advanced Fry and Fingerlings in Ponds by Horváth, László, Tamás, Giz... ISBN: 9789251023020
Water for Freshwater Fish Culture Training, Series No. 4 by Coche, A. G., Wal, H. Van der ISBN: 9789251011126 List Price: $30.00
Production Enhancement in Still Water Pond Culture by Coche, Andre G. ISBN: 9789250029979 List Price: $12.00
Aquaculture Development and Research in Sub-Saharan Africa Synthesis of National Reviews and... by Coche, A. G., Haight, B. A.... ISBN: 9789251035115 List Price: $25.00
Report of the Workshop on Aquaculture Planning in the Southern African Development Coordinat... by Coche, Andre G., Demoulin, ... ISBN: 9789251023945 List Price: $12.00
List of FAO Publications Related to Aquaculture by Coche, Andre G. ISBN: 9780318811437 List Price: $7.50
Semiconductor Detectors by Bertolinin, G., Coche, A. ISBN: 9780444101426 List Price: $63.50
Lake Kariba by Balon, E. K., Coche, A. G. ISBN: 9789401023351 List Price: $24.99