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Kieztheater : Forum und Kommunikation F�r Den Stadtteil by Clausen, Jens, Hahn, Harald... ISBN: 9783898219853 List Price: $25.90
Small and Medium Sized Companies in Europe: Environmental Performance, Competitiveness and M... by Hitchens, David, Trainor, M... ISBN: 9783642072758 List Price: $209.00
Experimental Studies on the Nature of Species Vol. 1 : Effect of Varied Environments on West... by Clausen, Jens C., Keck, Dav... ISBN: 9780608062204 List Price: $142.60
Experimental Studies on the Nature of Species Vol. 2 : Plant Evolution Through Amphiploidy a... by Clausen, Jens C., Keck, Dav... ISBN: 9780608062297 List Price: $57.10
Environmental Responses of Climatic Races of Achillea by Clausen, Jens ISBN: 9780872795921 List Price: $11.00
Plant Evolution Through Amphiploidy and Autoploidy, with Examples from the Madiinae by Clausen, Jens ISBN: 9780872795754 List Price: $12.00
Effect of Varied Environments on Western North American Plants by Clausen, Jens, Keck, David ... ISBN: 9780872795303 List Price: $12.00
Small and Medium Sized Companies in Europe Environmental Performance, Competitiveness, and M... by Hitchens, D. M. W. N., Isti... ISBN: 9783540401476 List Price: $209.00
Integer Programming and Combinatorial Optimization 4th International Ipco Conference Copenha... by Balas, Egon, Clausen, Jens ISBN: 9780387594088 List Price: $89.95
International Environmental Management Benchmarks Best Practice Experiences from America, Ja... by Hitchens, D. M., Clausen, J... ISBN: 9783540652960 List Price: $160.00
Jubilet Cum Bonna Rhenus : Festschrift Zum 150jährigen Bestehen des Bonner Kreises by Lingenberg, Wilfried, Riese... ISBN: 9783832505806 List Price: $63.00
Schritte Zum Nachhaltigen Unternehmen : Zukunftsweisende Praxiskonzepte des Umweltmanagements by Fichter, Klaus, Clausen, Jens ISBN: 9783642720017 List Price: $69.95
Handbook Neuroethics by Clausen, Jens, Levy, Neil ISBN: 9789400747067 List Price: $679.00
Experimental Studies on the Nature of Species : Jens Clausen, David D. Keck, William M. Hiesey by Clausen, Jens Christian ISBN: 9780598177032 List Price: $41.00
Stages in Evolution of Plant Species by Jens Clausen ISBN: 9780028429205
Umsteuern Oder Neugr�nden? by Clausen, Jens ISBN: 9783833415456 List Price: $35.90
Selbstbestimmte Sexualitat Behinderter Menschen by Herrath, Frank, Herrath, Fr... ISBN: 9783170219069
Das technisierte Gehirn by Jens Clausen, Giovanni Maio... ISBN: 9783897856295
On Cyclicality in the Current and Financial Accounts : Evidence from Nine Industrial Countries by Clausen, Jens R., Kandil, M... ISBN: 9781451860757 List Price: $15.00
Lessons from High Inflation Epidsodes for Stabilizing the Economy in Zimbabwe by Clausen, Jens R., Coorey, S... ISBN: 9781451866636 List Price: $18.00
Simulating Inflation Forecasting in Real-Time : How Useful Is a Simple Phillips Curve in Ger... by Clausen, Jens R., Clausen, ... ISBN: 9781451963380 List Price: $18.00
Cyclical Behavior of Inventories and Growth Projections Recent Evidence from Europe and the ... by Hoffmaister, Alexander W., ... ISBN: 9781455205431 List Price: $18.00
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