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The Thousand-Year Path: The Canada Hall at the Canadian Museum of Civilization by McGhee, Robert, Canadian Mu... ISBN: 9781100107868 List Price: $29.95
Dynamics of Outport Furniture Design Adaptation and Culture by Peddle, Walter W., Canadian... ISBN: 9780660188027 List Price: $34.95
Treasures from the Canadian Museum of Civilization and the Canadian War Museum by Canadian Museum of Civiliza... ISBN: 9780660199153 List Price: $49.95
Nuvisavik The Place Where We Weave by Von Finckenstein, Maria, Ca... ISBN: 9780773523357 List Price: $44.95
Early Paleo-Indian Site Near Parkhill, Ontario by Ellis, Christopher John, Ca... ISBN: 9780660178356 List Price: $29.95
Sheguiandah Site Archaeological, Geological and Paleobotanical Studies at a Paleoindian Site... by Julig, Patrick John, Archae... ISBN: 9780660187556 List Price: $39.95
Late Palaeo-indian Great Lakes Geological And Archaeological Investigations Of Late Pleistoc... by Hinshelwood, Andrew, Jackso... ISBN: 9780660193069 List Price: $39.95
A Brush with War: Military Art from Korea to Afghanistan by Brandon, Laura, Ogden, Glen... ISBN: 9780660198545 List Price: $19.95
Painting the Past with a Broad Brush: Papers in Honour of James Valliere Wright (Mercury Ser... by Keenlyside, David, Pilon, J... ISBN: 9780660199122 List Price: $39.95
Country Post Rural Postal Service in Canada, 1880 to 1945 by Amyot, Chantal, Willis, Joh... ISBN: 9780660189987 List Price: $39.95
Perspectives on Northern Northwest Coast Prehistory by Cybulski, Jerome S., Archae... ISBN: 9780660178448 List Price: $29.95
Clifton Royal The Wetmores And Village Life In Nineteenth-Century New Brunswick by Baxter, Judith, Canadian Mu... ISBN: 9780660193427 List Price: $35.95
Jean Paul Lemieux His Canada by Brousseau, Francine, Canadi... ISBN: 9780660107974 List Price: $26.95
Cultural History of the Nurse's Uniform by Bates, Christina, Canadian ... ISBN: 9780660201849 List Price: $39.95
History of the Native People of Canada, 10,000-1,000 B.c. by Wright, J. V., Canadian Mus... ISBN: 9780660196428 List Price: $45.00
Legends of Our Times: Native Cowboy Life by Tepper, Leslie H., Baillarg... ISBN: 9780774806565 List Price: $72.00
Vernacular Architecture in the Codroy Valley by MacKinnon, Richard Paul, Ca... ISBN: 9780660187884 List Price: $35.00
Archaeological Research In The Lesser Slave Lake Region A Contribution To The Pre-Contact Hi... by LeBlanc, Raymond J., Canadi... ISBN: 9780660193311 List Price: $29.95
Passion For The Past Papers In Honour Of James F. Pendergast by Pilon, J. -L, Wright, J. V.... ISBN: 9780660191065 List Price: $39.95
Made In Canada Craft And Design In The Sixies by Elder, Alan C., Canadian Mu... ISBN: 9780773528734 List Price: $29.95
North American Aboriginal Hide Tanning: The Act of Transformation and Revival by Baillargeon, Morgan, Canadi... ISBN: 9780660199696 List Price: $29.95
Beads of Life Eastern And Southern African Beadwork from Canadian Collections by Galichet-Labelle, Marie-Lou... ISBN: 9780660194028 List Price: $45.00
626 By 9 A Goal-by-goal Timeline Of Maurice The Rocket Richard's Scoring Career In Pictures,... by Posen, I. Sheldon, Carrier,... ISBN: 9780660192550 List Price: $10.95
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