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Effective Measurement and Management of Ict Costs and Benefits by Remenyi, Dan, Money, Arthur... ISBN: 9780750683289 List Price: $54.95
Public Administration in the Information Society Essays on Risk And Trust by Lips, Miriam, Taylor, John ... ISBN: 9781586035976 List Price: $114.00
RAY STANNARD BAKER (The History of the United States, 1876-1976) by Bannister, Robert C., Freid... ISBN: 9780824097110 List Price: $37.00
Case Studies in E-Government by Frank Bannister ISBN: 9781908272331 List Price: $12.00
Writing up your Research: for a dissertation or thesis: The Quick Guide Series by Dan Remenyi, Frank Bannister ISBN: 9781908272287 List Price: $30.00