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Valore Books team putting up sign The team at is 100% dedicated to our customers, who are mostly students. That's why the online marketplace offers millions of cheap textbooks from thousands of different independent booksellers from across the country. Those sellers compete with one another to score you the screaming deals you've come to expect from our trusted brand.

Valore Books team today But now things are getting even better. Our recent acquisition by SimpleTuition means your entire college experience is about to get cheaper. Textbooks are only the beginning. SimpleTuition is the leading provider of tips, advice, and interactive tools that help students save on college-related expenses. Their free and easy-to-use products help you find student loans you can actually afford, compare colleges based on what they really cost, learn how to repay your loans the smart way, and earn rewards that help pay down your student loans.

We know-awesome. And as they welcome us into their family, we welcome you into ours. What does that mean for you? The college life just got cheaper.

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