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Dedicated to our customers.

Two Girls SmilingBesides offering cheap textbooks, ValoreBooks.com also offers customers remarkable service. Management has a policy of continuous improvement and a goal of overall customer satisfaction known as the Extra Mile Guarantee. These standards are achieved by holding daily meetings between management and the customer service team to discuss any issues customers were faced with that day. These meetings allow management to understand the customers and how to better serve them. Additionally, the customer service team members pride themselves on quick response time and continue to develop and implement advanced customer relations technology to better serve our customers.

Extra Mile GuaranteeWhat if a customer wants to get a hold of the CEO directly? Twitter message him at http://twitter.com/BobbyValore! Bobby Brannigan is 100% dedicated to the satisfaction of our customers and the success of the booksellers. He encourages communication and open dialogue and is happy to hear from customers and sellers.

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