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Tips for Buying Books

  1. Search by ISBN

    Search by ISBN to get exactly the textbook or book that you are looking for. The Marketplace offers millions of new and used textbooks and books for the college student.

  2. Look at the book condition

    The majority of textbooks and books on our site are used. If you do not need a new textbook or book, we suggest to save money and purchase a cheap used textbook or book. Our Marketplace Sellers offer millions of used textbooks and books at significantly reduced prices.

  3. Look at the book comments

    Marketplace Sellers list detailed descriptions of their textbooks and books. This is very helpful when looking to purchase a used textbook or book. Marketplace Sellers will note if the used textbook has highlighting, notes, software included, etc. View the book comments so you know exactly what you are getting.

  4. Look at the book type

    We offer a variety of book types to help college students find exactly what they are looking for. When a college student is looking to purchase a textbook for school there are many price saving options.

  5. Buy from a reliable seller

    Click on the Marketplace Sellers name to view their feedback from past customers, as well as their confirmation ratings. Buying from a Marketplace Seller who has been rated highly by other customers will ensure that your book buying experience will be a positive one.

  6. Note the shipping location of your seller

    Click on the Marketplace Sellers name to view the seller's shipping location. You can expect that the closer the seller is to your address, the faster the book will arrive.

  7. Choose Priority Mail

    Priority mail is only $3.00 more than media mail and you will receive your book(s) much faster than media mail. All college students that have a time restraint should purchase their new or used textbooks with priority mail.

  8. Contact the seller with any questions

    You may contact your seller before you purchase your books to ask them any questions that are relevant to your order. You may also contact your seller after your item has been shipped to ask for tracking information. Please allow sellers up to 48 hours (excluding weekends and holidays) to respond to inquiries.

  9. Allow e-mails from

    Many new e-mail accounts have spam filters that will filter out unrecognized e-mail. Please allow your system to receive e-mails from We will send out important notifications regarding your order.

  10. Leave Feedback

    It is important that all customers leave feedback regarding their purchase. This will help better serve our customers and let them know what type of experience to expect when buying from a specific seller.

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